Artifact replicas and T-shirt prints are now Available!!!

Artifact Replicas-

We are recreating the Ojuelos de Jalisco artifacts into wearable pendants and figurines.  Molded from genuine artifacts, replicas are made from plant-based resins, shungite, powdered quartz, and Tensor Rings.  These beautiful pieces contain the energetics, activations, and remembrances carried by the originals.  The pendant replicas also contain Tensor Rings by Twistedsage Studios, which bring protection and healing to the wearer.  Restructures EMFs and activates the Sacred Heart.

Wholesale / Vendors

Color and materials vary.

Made of plant-based resin, the black color is Shungite, a popular stone for protection and grounding.  All Replicas contain powdered quartz.

Replicas below are listed as small, medium, and large.

Pendants available with adjustable leather cord.

Please contact Brian for current wholesale pricing at

Replica Pendants for wholesale do not contain copper Tensor Rings (for EMF protection) unless requested.

Screen Prints

Twistedsage.Press is under the umbrella of Twistedsage Studios

Aztlan Mask Creation Story

The Aztlan Mask began as a photograph taken of an Artifact from Jalisco Mexico, by @stargatekeys . The artwork was masterfully rendered by @acapellalifestyle to become this base print. (Instagram)

We were visited by these higher density beings when we set up the press.  These are the same beings who created these artifacts thousands of years ago.  They were here to ensure their story was represented in this design. These are heart-based beings, in alignment with the expansion of human consciousness here on Earth, and so we allowed them to underlay the design.  We then overlayed the design with love and light and that field of universal peace, to ensure all activations were healthful and beneficial to all. 

So, now I half-jokingly say, “You receive a Free Alien with every shirt”

Our shirts are made with US Organic Cotton, Sustainably Harvested Tree Root, and SIX RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES each, which create a super soft and comfortable fabric. The printing takes place in our Studio with our proprietary CRYSTAL-INFUSED INKS, durable and soft to the touch. The mask is topped with invisible glow-in-the-dark UV-Activated ink.

The crystalline inks are created with feldspar of the Black Hills of South Dakota, which consists of tourmaline, mica, various quartz, garnet, lepidolite, and other silica. This is a beautiful and high vibration combination of minerals, for a super high vibe piece of Activation Apparel.