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Atlantean Energy Tools

The Activator

An Atlantean tool that holds Space for Inner-Earth beings to be present on this plane.

Heddeka, the Water Elemental


Many have remembrances of the Water Elemental Symbol on the healing room walls in Atlantis.

In 2011, The Elders Three channeled through five Elementals: Heddeka – an elemental of water, Chassell – an elemental of fire, Plymella – an elemental of wind, Khaleme – an elemental of air and the one with no name – an etheric element. Today I am honoring these elementals and the elements they represent.
TwistedSage Studios Heddeka >>>


“The Heddeka swirl represents the element Heddeka. The Heddeka is an element that comes from the time of the Earth, the time of the beginning of the Earth. In that, has been here for since the Earth began its destiny. As the Heddeka is coming back and becoming a part of the cleaning of the Earth, it is just that your thoughts and your intentions and your appreciation of this element, of this spirit, that gives it the power to go out there and help our beloved Earth. You can leave the swirls in different places and within the water or you can hang them from a tree or you can place them within the dirt.

The elements all work together in unison and by doing this, they help each other. In helping each other, they help the Earth. In helping the Earth, they help you. We are working to bring the designs of the other elements into be-ing. They have been forgotten for many, many eons and it is time that they be brought in.

The elements of Earth, Wind, Fire – they come in and compliment with Water. It is the time for all this to happen. It is a time that you understand and you become a part of the Elements of the Earth. By bringing in their special skills and their special connection to our beloved Earth, you can help them as they help heal the Earth up. It is not that the Earth is in great danger because she is not. She is moving and doing exactly what she needs to do. In doing and moving and calling your attention to what is happening upon her surface, this brings you closer to your Divinity, closer to who you are. As you become closer to who you are, then this helps the Earth.” ~The Elders Three


UhnTok, the Key

UhnTok is known as the Ankh of the now time by a group of other-dimensional pre-Egyptian beings.  Found tattooed on initiates chests in these times. Also found on the breast-plate of Hercules’ armor, created by the “Gods”.

The Key Pendant

Universal Peace

Universal Peace comes through first, expanding out to bring the Activations and Attunements of Golden Fire and Light.

Creates a field around a person.  Clears “ghosts” or Way-wards as they come into your field, as it brings their Soul in to help them cross over.  The Key brings everyone’s Soul more into the present, who are in it’s field.

The Field is about a block wide.  Does all the standard geomagnetic, EMF, and lower vibration clearing, plus the heart-based higher consciousness connecting and activating.  The Key does not have to be wore as a pendant, it can simply be hung in your space. I have one on my car’s rear-view mirror that I like to spin if ever in traffic or the city.

This is my favorite pendant to wear, and does not require any “doing”.  Simply “Be” with this pendant.

The Key Pendant is approximately 3 x 3-1/2 inches.  It is constructed of steel rods and a bronze center, then copper plated to a polished shine.  Each central weld point will be slightly unique.
The Pendant has a ball-bearing swivel attached.  And why does it spin?  I cannot say… the original Keys always wanted to be spun, and this one is no different!
Adjustable Leather lanyard included.

We were making the UhnTok a few years ago, but like all the older energy tools, they faded out as we shifted more and more into the new energy.
We have now brought the UhnTok up to speed with where we are now, and is a super fantastic tool!  One of my all-time personal favorites!!

Again, with all tools that we create, it is your higher Soul-self that filters what is in your highest and best good to receive from these tools, including any and all activations and attunements that come from them.

How the Key came back into being:

It began with Doug Benjamin’s findings of specific Cubit lengths from the Great Pyramid. Doug then taught people how to use two of these Cubit length rods to pin into the ground at the Cardinal and Ordinal points around an area to neutralize geopathic stress zones.


Slim Spurling and Bill Reid brought Doug’s techniques more into the mainstream, where architect Simon Bialobroda came up with a concept of using these sacred proportions in an 8-pointed star. This mathematically ratioed symbol was secretly used in ancient Templar societies.

Bill Reid began constructing the 8-pointed star, known as theStarburst, to neutralize geopathic stress.  For information on Bill’s inspiration for the Starburst, please check out the article at the bottom of the page from Simon Bialobroda.
The measurements Simon shares come from the research of Doug Benjamin. A link to an article from Doug can be found atSacredMeasures.com.

So, after taking Bill Reid’s Gravitobiology class several years ago, I was guided to recreate the Starburst with different Cubit measures, and then dropped one of the intersecting rods down from the center with the Phi Ratio, where “UhnTok- the Key” came into being. The UhnTok was the Ankh of that Now Time, at the cusp of the old and new world energies.

This 8-pointed sacred symbol was given it’s name by a group of ethereally based Egyptians and friends of my sister’s close friend, Thoth. We made a few versions of the Keys, including the Atlantian Key, the Manifestation Key, and the Goddess Keys. I stopped making the Keys as we began shifting more and more into the new energy. 

Here is some of what we were seeing with the original Keys we were making:

In our soul is the wisdom of each lifetime we lived on Earth, and so much more. This is the key to unlock it. Access your personal wisdom. The knowledge is within you. Meditating with these tools within the heart center will help you unlock that wisdom within you.  A Very Powerful Manifestation Tool. Take the key in the consciousness and program it, but mind/body/soul can over-ride it. Manifest while seated within the Heart.
Used for downloads of information, enhances the energy of both crystals and the Key when used together. Also synergizes with other sacred symbols within the environment.

Ancient UhnTok, in the Bright Newness

Upon hearing of Bill Reid’s passing, I chose to bring in the new Starburst.  I had already considered making the UhnTok again, with the new measures and within the context of the new energies we are in.

The Starburst, and the Keys, did not have Etheric Templates like our Tensor Rings do. They were simply Straight-lined Cubit measures and sacred symbols. Bill’s Starburst utilized a Tensor Ring to amplify and hold beneficial energies. The previous Keys could be used for nonbenefical energy transfers by the right user. That has traditionally been inherent with Straight-line Cubit measures.  The new Starburst and Key cannot be used for nonbeneficial purposes.

The Golden Light Wand and the Golden Fire Wand both have an energetic counterpart that ensure they are healthful and beneficial to all. These are the two that were put together to form the new Starburst. The copper-coated steel rods, once welded together, created something more than the Wands separately. The energetic properties of both the Golden Light and the Golden Fire Wands are still present in the new Starburst, and now the Starburst has an Etheric Template also created for it!!

My sister Brenda and I held space as the new Template was created for the Starburst, and it was taken back to the time of the initiates and the first use of the symbol, where the Starburst Template was harmonized with those symbols and brought forward to here and now. A powerful process….

The new Starburst is seen as creating a 360° Sunburst of beneficial energy outward. It goes out for more than a city block, then tapers off. Within this space, it is clearing nonbeneficial geomagnetic lines, portal vortexes, EMFs, and water ways.

More information on the new Starburst can be found athttps://shop.twistedsage.com/products/starburst

The Key Pendant is not as large and encompassing as the Starburst, as the Key is more personal.  It will still work with the water like the Starburst, but just the water within your own body and immediate field.

The Geometry Hidden within the Egyptian Rods -Simon Bialobroda March 2012

“This is the story of the Geometry Hidden within the Egyptian rods which started off as an exercise in geometry to discover whether there were any principles of sacred geometry underpinning what those in the dowsing community call the Egyptian Rods, for lack of a better term. Perhaps the name owes its legacy to the fact that Pharonic images and sculptures over 3,000 years old depict the use of divining rods and pendulums. In addition, the ancient Egyptians were well versed in the use of tools for healing and the art of Geomancy.

As an architect and dowser, I was made aware of the Egyptian Rods, being introduced to them through my interest and studies in the art of dowsing. A few years back dowsing became an integral part of my architectural practice in helping to protect people from the ill health effects of electromagnetic fields.

First, what are the Egyptian Rods? The Egyptian rods are a set of eight rods of specific proportionate length, four of which are longer (25 inches) and four of which are shorter (14 5/8 inches), commonly constructed by cutting copper coated 3/32 inch diameter welding rods. Arranged vertically around the perimeter of a property or house at the four corners and midpoints, the installation of the rods will do a good job of protecting the inhabitants against geopathic stress and harmful EMF’s. I discovered that the ratio between the long and short rods corners and was 1.7094, a ratio based on the square root of two, one of the most widely used mathematical ratios found all over the world from Temples in India, to Stonehenge and the Pyramids. It is also an interesting fact that the square root of two is used for its aerodynamic benefits in the design of the stealth bomber in the wing pattern. To the right is the geometric study (the second photo here on Facebook) I performed which reveals the ratio, which I propose is one of the factors responsible for giving the Egyptian rods their therapeutic properties and imparting a function that all sacred spaces share. One of the other benefits of this sacred symbol is its use in meditation. As the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul said “There are many ways in which the intuition can be drawn into activity, and one of the most useful and potent is the study and interpretation of symbols.”

The geometric construction is known as the sacred cut (dashed lines) and formed a symbol in Temple societies known only to a handful of initiates. From it are derived the proportions which constitute the mathematical ratio found in the Egyptian rods. Of further interest is the fact that one of four gifts given to Hercules before setting out on the 12 labours was a golden breastplate, forged in gold by the God Vulcan to protect and strengthen Hercules’ heart. The symbol on the breastplate consisted of eight radiating lines in the form of an eight-pointed star.”
Simon Bialobroda

Not From This Universe

Light Wand

This ancient etheric tool is older than our Galaxy, perhaps older than this Universe. It clears timelines and realities, moves geomagnetic lines, closes portal/vortexes. Anchored into the physical through very specific Sacred Measurements.

One of our most powerful subtle energy tools!

Clearing, Healing, Raising Vibrations
Shadow work and Activations
Creating and Un-Creating
realities with Love

Light Wand


Golden Fire, Golden Light, and so much more!!
The Golden Fire and Light Wand is currently the most powerful hand-tool we have! It brings through all that the Golden Fire Wands are, along with the Golden Light Wand, the Starburst, and the Golden Fire Dowsing Rods.

The Golden Fire mini Light Wand and Full-sized Wands are both available!!! The approx. four inch wand has the same potency and power as the full sized version, only in a pendant or pocket-sized form.

I still personally prefer the smaller sized version. It is something that can be carried with you and used as a pendant.
Plus it is easier to “wand” physical are as with the smaller version. I do enjoy using the larger Wand, too. The Larger Wand just feels more physically substantial (energetically they are the same tool).
The Larger Wand is a perfect one to use ceremonial-style and on alters or in grids.

Either size will make it through airport security as well.

We have had reports of people sleeping with these Wands, and getting the best sleep they have ever had. Many use them to clear headaches and other physical issues. Many use them for distance healing sessions or other energy clearing. They truly are a versatile and powerful tool!!

Eight-page instructional/activation booklet included with each wand!!!

The quick and simple use of the tool
It doesn’t have to be complicated. This can be an automatic tool to simply “be” with, though there is a lot you can also “do” with the Wand.
There are endless applications and ways to use it, but is powerful just having on your person, or pointing it at something/someone, and using it to run energy.

An Ancient tool updated into the New Energy
The Golden Light Wand is an ancient tool,
that comes into this reality as the fog lifts.

Energetically, it is a golden rod about 18 inches tall, its fuzzy rainbow-color energy vibrates along with a humming sound.
The sound coming from the rod is used for healing, clearing, and everything.
The color and sound work together as part of what this tool is.

The Wand is simply a physical bridge to this energetic tool.
The Golden Light aspect of this tool exists in the 3mm brass rod,
approx. 14” (specifically 35.3133 cm) in length for the full sized
version, and approx 4″ for the 1/3 sized version.
This sacred measure is known as the Standard Teotihuacan Unit.
The golden-light rod exists on a higher dimensional plane
and anchors into the physical through this measure.

As the Higher Soul Self steps in to hold the rod, the work we do directly affects the Soul aspects throughout time, space, and dimensions.
When a person holds the wand, they are engulfed in a Golden-White Light. Clearing takes place with the person and vibrations are raised all around them. This brings through more than just personal and environmental clearing and healing, rather situations and realities are also cleared and healed in the process.

We then add in the New Energetics of the Golden Fire Wand.
The Golden Fire Wand activates the Sacred Heart-

This is the golden flaming heart with the tri-fold flames
that Jesus and Mary walk with, and is different from
the Sacred Space of the Heart that we have traditionally worked with.

The Golden Fire activates the Quantum Mind-

Opens the right hemisphere of the brain, balances the hemispheres,
activating the Pineal and connecting to the Quantum Mind.

For the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind activations to
take place, one is first taken to the Quantum Void of infinite possibilities for cleaning, clearing, and healing.

Read more about the Golden Fire Tools

The energetic properties of the Starburst are also present in this new Wand.
Personal Transformations
Connects into chest and into the Heart.
Brings through all the Activations and Attunements of the Golden Fire tools and that the mini Golden Light Wand offers.
Clearing timelines and realities and all that the mini Golden Light Wand does,
without having to have the attunement to the mini Golden Light Wand!!
Environmental Clearing It clears Geomagnetic lines, and follows the lines outward to clear the source
of non beneficial energies, within the local area.
Entity Clearing through Soul Activations
The Starburst is carrying much of the same energy as the Golden Fire Generators carry, and more!
Bringing through that Field of Healing Light –  The Wand brings who holds it into a higher vibration, connecting and bridging higher dimensions.

These different fields of higher vibrational Light brings through only what is based in Love, as that is why these tools exist.

As you tap into these higher vibration fields, you can tap into that “Healing Field”
that my sister Brenda Schnose uses in all her current healing work.

As you point the Wand it projects Light out, both the Golden Fire and the Golden Light. This brings in and bridges these higher dimensions.

Entity Clearing and “Ghost-busting”
As we are all raising in frequency and vibration, consciousness of lower vibrations become uncomfortable and either make themselves known to others, or try to lower the vibration around them to
remain in a comfortable space. This has been especially the case, recently.

For many years, I was trying to make a tool to assist “Way-wards”, or commonly known as Ghosts, to get back Home… to cross them over into the Light.

This has traditionally been a task, and many sensitive people have had to learn to do this.
Once the Golden Fire Generator, then the Starburst, came along, this was able to happen more easily.
Now, the Golden Fire and Light Wand is able to do this automatically!!

When the Wand is pointed at a Conscious Being (incarnate or not, Entities and Way-wards included), Light from the Wand activates the Golden Fire in their heart. It is the Soul of the Being that chooses to accept this Activation or not, but if they do, the Being is connected fully to their own Light. It is this Light that shows them the way Home. No longer do we need to “do” as we used to, to cross over Way-wards or to clear Entities.

When clearing Entity attachments, the Golden Fire clears all contracts (agreements, oaths, vows, etc) which no longer serve, and the Entity follows it’s own Light to wherever is for the Highest and best good.

As with Way-wards, Entities sometimes need talked into unattaching and going. There is also free-will in all of this, and people or other Conscious Beings all have the free-will choice to stay and to hang on. As my sister Brenda Schnose says, she has never met an Entity that could not be talked into letting go. We always use the path of Love, as that is where all of these tools are based within….

Be in the physical space you wish to clear.
You do not actually have to be there in the physical, you can simply imagine being there.
Balls of white Light come out the end of the rod, swirling and covering the whole area.
A sphere of Golden White Light encompasses the workspace,
including the earth below, no matter if doing it by distance or in person.
For an instant, there is a void, as everything is
sucked up and then explodes out in white Light.
All that is left is a feeling of Grace and Ease to the environment.
The area is left clean and clear and in a high vibrational state.
This bubble extends throughout time, dimensions, and realities, causing a residual effect of the work completed.

Simultaneously, that field of the Golden Fire comes through
in another level and layer, bringing in that high vibrational field of healing energy.
This field also does the connecting, clearing, and activating within
all conscious beings, incarnate or not, throughout all levels layers they exist upon.

Just as the Starburst automatically clears or reroute non-beneficial energy Lines, so can the Golden Fire and Light Wand. The white Light explodes out and shoots down the grid lines, along with the Golden Fire, clearing them or rerouting them. It also clears the source of any nonbeneficial transmissions upstream from these grid lines. It automatically clears non-beneficial portal/vortexes.

Light Anchoring
Another beneficial use of this tool is to use it to anchor Light.
All one does is hold the Golden Fire and Light Wand with intention,
and a column of light comes in from Source/Soul
(Creator, God, just plug in your own word…) and into the Earth.
This Light is all that the Golden Fire and Light Wand is.
This column of Light will stay for as long as is needed, then it fades out.

You do not need to be in that space in person,
rather you can simply visualize and intend the column of Light
comes into that space while holding the Wand.

Great for airports, checkout lines, sleeping quarters, refrigerators, etc etc

Remember… You can never do harm with this tool!!

Simply make the statement that you are in the Heart Space, and it is so.
Make the statement that you are clean and clear.
Clean and clear throughout all time, space, dimensions. Clean and clear of programs and beliefs which hold you in a particular perspective, or reality.
Then all is a void as All that you are, along with the Universe, put your reality back together again.
As you hold the wand, a bubble expands from you. You can also, with intent, focus the energy.

Sacred Space of the Heart:

Imagine your consciousness as a little ball of light, the size of a marble. Your consciousness sits right behind the pineal gland in the middle of the brain. Before we were born, our consciousness resided in the heart. Within the physical heart are tens-of-thousands of brain cells. At some time during or after the birth process, we moved into the brain.
When we step back into the Heart, it is where we access our multidimensional Soul-selves. It is a place ego cannot go. While doing this energy work, its imperative to be in the Heart Space.

To use the wand: Hold with intention of entering the Heart Space. You may be able to feel it, as the heart expands. Trust it is so, as it is.
When doing the work, all time, space, and dimensions are aligned for the work to be complete. The Golden-White Light as well as the Golden Fire cleans and clears. Your field is completely cleaned and cleared as your entire Being raises in vibration. Lower vibrational programs, and beliefs are cleared in the process.
With intention, implants, entities, cords, and all other non-beneficial attachments are completely gone.
Brings you to a clean slate, completely clean and cleared. Programs, Beliefs, and even Karma, is completely cleared in a moment.
What’s brought back in, is between you and the Universe and You.

A physical energy tool: Use as a wand to focus energy, raising everything in frequency and vibration, resulting in cleaning, clearing, healing, and bringing through all the Activations of the Golden Fire tools.

Working with others
Again, begin by being in the Heart Space, being clean and clear, grounded and connected.
The wand creates sacred space, in the form of an energy bubble around you.
As your soul holds the etheric rod, you invite who you wish into your circle, and offer them the rod.
Those who’s Souls are on board to have the clearing work done will accept it.
If it is not part of the Soul’s path, the clearing won’t affect them.
The Soul will know, so just trust the outcome.

I feel a swoosh when the person does the work, almost like anchoring in.
I feel it super intense when someone else does the work, though most people doing it will only note that a shift took place!!!

Or, simply point the Wand at the person.

This can be done in the mind’s eye and from the heart, instead of being in person.

The Golden Fire and Light Wands are fitted with a clasp at the base of the handle. Clasp-and-Bearings-600x400

Both size of wands have sealed bearing, double-layered, brass handles.

Clasp and rod can freely spin independently of the handle,
making a perfect connector for your pendulum.

Again, the Golden Fire and Light Wand is the updated version of the Golden Light Wand!


A crop circle in 2009 shows two seeds of life, forming the 12 petal geometry seen here. Creates a toroidal flow of energy, also known as a tube torus. Like all Tensor Ring Technology, these tools restructure EMF’s and clear dense energies, while bringing the energy fields into balance and harmony.

Attuned specifically to you, the Golden Fire Torus fully brings through your Soul’s Light to create a quantum field of the
Golden Fire / Sacred Heart / Universal Peace field

The Golden Fire comes through in a tangible way.


This particular Golden Fire Torus brings in the Golden Fire then Activates it in the person.
Brings in the field of Universal Peace to the human, a connection into that field of Universal Peace.
Connects to everything, all that is.
The vibration of Oneness, of non-Duality.

Soul already knows Universal Peace.
People who are drawn to this tool are ready to connect to the Peace of their Soul. 


tube torusThe Tube Torus is simply a way in which energy flows.
Energy flows in a Torus fashion, in Galaxies as well as in molecules.

Two Seeds of Life are put together, and ratcheted, to create the 12 petal design you see here.
This design was also a crop circle in 2009!

So much more than a Torus…

When we did the readings on this one, I could feel it hit my throat first, and saw the golden beam from the Torus to my throat. Once we got to the part where they were explaining how the field begins with the person and then expands out to those energetically in contact with them, I could see and intensely feel this connection going out to all of those whom I am energetically connected with…. It was huge and expansive!!

Before we did the reading, which attuned that particular Torus to me, I carried the Torus with me for over a month and it really wasn’t nothing more than a standard Torus. Once the attunement of the Torus to my Soul took place, the energy of the Torus shifted greatly, and become a powerful and transformative tool.

The 8″ Golden Fire Torus is made specifically for each person.

Brenda Schnose assembles all the Torus’ coming out of Twistedsage Studios.
The Golden Fire Torus requires an activation and attunement for it to begin working with an individual.
During the construction process Brenda goes Soul to Soul with you to assist in the attunement to your Torus.
The process is like having a free distance session which is anchored into your personal tool!!!

Brenda is one of the most phenomenal healers / seers / energy workers that I know.
We witness miracle and magic on a daily basis with what she does.
Brenda and I work together on the creation of these etheric tools, and she does all the readings on the tools before we send them out to see what others see / feel / experience. Her distance sessions are affordable, and she works via telephone and distance with not only your Soul, but the innate consciousness of the body.
If the issues are not allowed to be cleared up, she can help with interpreting what your body and soul are trying to tell you!!

Consider getting a distance healing session with Brenda!!
Distance Healing Sessions page is located HERE

The 4″ Golden Fire Torus is attuned to the person before it leaves the Studio.

Anyone can use the Torus, it simply means that your Light is a part of what comes through in the tool, all in the highest and best for everyone!

Others will benefit from your Golden Fire Torus…

People will walk through this field and will feel it.

Animals will feel it.

Whether those who are in this field will accept it or not is with them.

It begins with the person who has it and then expands out to those are energetically in contact with them.

Fruit of Life Floorplate

Sacred geometry and frequencies of Light help to awaken DNA codes within our Multidimensional selves. Our DNA receives this pattern of Light, activating these codes of remembrance.

~The Fruit of Life~

Fruit of life Floorplate

Within the Fruit of Life can be found Metatron’s Cube, The Flower of Life, and all of the new Platonic Solids. These geometries are the building blocks of our physical world. The Fruit of Life is considered the Divine blueprint of the Universe and the basis to everything in existence.

Created from 127 Golden Fire Rings, this phenomenal piece is encased with EcoPoxyyUV, a natural plant-based resin that is resistant to yellowing. An ultra heavy 29” Golden Fire Ring surrounds the structure. 

Clear resin, pictured is the floorplate on a black background.

The Fruit of Life Floorplate is like having a portable Ascension Chamber. Standing on the plate aligns Chakras and other Energy Bodies, as well as cleaning clearing aligning and balancing throughout all time space dimensions. And this is just the beginning of the work it does. Truly the most powerful portable portal we create here at Twistedsage Studios.

Each plate is custom created upon request, and is attuned to your Light. It takes our crew nearly a month to create this masterpiece. $4000 plus shipping.  We will soon have a 15″ version available!

Please contact Brian with any questions regarding making a Floorplate for you.

Each Floorplate is an individual work of “art”.  As we strive for aesthetic perfection in it’s creation, there may still be aesthetic anomalies present such as a tiny air bubble encapsulated in the resin.