Atlantis, Egypt, Aztlan, Mayan

Aztlan was a great civilization that existed in the time of Atlantis and pre-Egyptian era of pyramid building and revered deities.  All over the world, great civilizations thrived at this time.

Greg Braden presents information of civilizations across time and space that inhabited the earth.  All in cyclical times.  All disappearing.  This is found in archaeological evidence. It seems to be cyclical, with evidence of six cycles seen so far.  Some say the Earth has had 10 of these great cycles of civilization.

Sun DiskThe Mayan / Aztec Connection

Several Mayan deities are shown on the artifacts from Ojuelos, as well as many mayan-esque ceremonies.  And of course the Azteca Calendar with the alien face in the center is a most popular theme in these artifacts.  More on this topic to come, along with specific stones that depict the stories and deities.

China and the US

I happened onto a 4,000 year old jade skull from Mongolia that clearly presents an Alux being holding the skull.  The same Alux beings the Mayan build tiny temples for in all of their complexes, and even have stories of the Alux creating pyramids in Yucatan Mexico.

We see connections to the Atlantean civilization all over the planet, even in South Dakota and sacred sites scattered across the US such as the Medicine Wheel in Wyoming. Or the mounds in Ohio.


Alchemist story board, front side

The winged-shaman are popular depictions on the artifacts.  These winged-ones may or may not be the Angelics that we know and love, but there is an undeniable race of winged beings shown here.

The above topics could certainly be discussed in great detail.  For now, we wish to share the artifacts that share these stories, and let you choose what resonates…